Peoria, Tazewell, And Woodford: Here, There & Everywhere

After The Septic Tank Caved In by Mike Foster



The umber poison

Comes mucking up,

Drooling out of the maw

Of the back-hoe.


Forty years of shit,

Siena, rich against

The redeeming black earth.


Black jewelry water froths

Down in the widening hole.

Black bubbles burst

On a shallow lake in hell.


The John Deere, Saurian

Browses in this swamp,

Eating steadily, a thing whose brain

Says only: “Eat!”


Amber conduit carries dim messages

From the brain to the claw.

The maw oozes our fathers’ slime

The brain is a man who smokes a pipe

Who wears a hat lit by a flying ear of corn.


This septic memorare of the poison men

Leave behind them; this mausoleum

To the prince of stinks; all this gold we turned to brown.

Only black can heal us now,

That only now.


28 February 1976Foster Farm


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