Peoria, Tazewell, And Woodford: Here, There & Everywhere

The Cartoons of Larry Miller

Larry Miller III is a Peoria artist and cartoonist, a graduate of St. Patrick’s School in Washington, IL and Spalding Institute who then attended Illinois Central College.

In 1974, he was ‘’discovered” by the ICC newspaper The Harbinger which bootlegged several of the cartoons he’d drawn and posted in stairwells at the East Peoria campus under the alias of “Mr. N.”

He joined the staff and drew both editorial cartoons, half-page story cartoon featurettes about ICC life, and several serial strips, including “Capt. Boredom.”

These were reprinted by the student newspaper editors as recently as 2004.

He is also a tee-shirt cartoonist for the local unknown band A Fine Kettle Of Fish, which is based in Washburn, with several designs reflecting the changing number of members.

His designs include a full-color tee-shirt and the infamous “Surfer Fish” shirt.

This is his first appearance in the Tazewell, Peoria and Woodford: Here, There, & Everywhere blog.

Can't Take It Color (1)

0012_DrugsCanKill (1)


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